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Food Menu

Breakfast Menu

Michaels Breakfast

2 Eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage (pork or beef), fried tomato, sauteed mushrooms with a slice of toast. add R5 extra for rye

Norwegian Breakfast

2 Eggs, avo (seasonal) & smoked salmon with cream cheese, served with 2 Slices of toasted 100% rye,


2 Eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, sausage of choice, mushrooms grilled tomato, baked beans & fries with a slice toast

Rossini (V)/

Eggs scrambled with danish feta, roasted mixed peppers, chives, avocado (seasonal) with health bread


Toasted english muffin topped with 2 poached eggs, laced with hollandaise sauce
Bacon /
Salmon: served with wilted spinach. /

French Toast /

Served with bacon cinnamon fried banana and syrup

Health Breakfast /

Plain yogurt, with dried fruit, nuts & seed muesli & fresh seasonal fruit salad

On The Go /

1 Egg (fried or poached), bacon & fried tomato with a slice

of toast. add R extra for rye

Breakfast Wrap / Filled with creamy scrambled eggs, bacon and a tomato onion relish.
Freshly baked croissant with:


Cheese & preserves 

Homemade Oats /

Topped with almond & banana

Design your own Breakfast
  • A Slice of toast. 
  • 2 Slices of health bread or 100% rye bread. 
  • Feta cheese. 
  • French fries half portion. 
  • Fried tomato. 
  • Grilled mushrooms. 
  • Savoury seasoned ground beef in a salsa sauce. 
  • Avocado (seasonal ). SQ
  • Hollandaise sauce.
  • Basil pesto 
  • Baked Beans 
  • Banana 
  • Omelette 
  • English Muffin 
  • Egg (fried, scrambled or poached) 
  • Bacon
  • Beef or pork traditional banger
  • Cheddar cheese 
  • Mozzarella 


    The Beast / Sausage, Peppers, mushrooms, bacon, feta and cheddar cheese

    The Mexican  / Minced beef, a dash salsa sauce, mixed peppers, Jalepeno

Anchovy Toast /

2 Slices of toast served with fresh tomato.


Banana & Chocolate /
Cinnamon & Sugar /
Savoury mince /

Main Menu

Chicken schnitzel /

Crumbed chicken breast served with mushroom, cheese or pepper sauce. Salad or fries

Chicken strips (Crumbed or Grilled) /

Free range chicken breast served with a thai sweet chilli sauce. Salad or fries

Pork loin ribs /

400g. Salad or fries

Ribs & calamari /

250g Ribs accompanied by 250g calamari. Salad or fries

Rump steak /

Gilled to your specification served with chips / veg & extra side veg

Hake Fillet /

Grilled or fried served with lemon butter or garlic sauce. Salad or fries

Patagonian Grilled or Crumbed calamari /

Calamari tender tubes served with our homemade aiolli mayo. Salad or fries

Pulled pork /

Slow roasted pork served on a crispy ciabatta with our homemade asian sauce. Salad or fries

Pasta ( penne, fettucini, spaghetti, gluten free.)
Al pesto /

Basil pesto with cherry tomatoes & parmesan cheese.

Con pollo /

Tender grilled chicken breast with roasted cherry tomatoes & basil pesto.

Alfredo /

Bacon & mushroom served in a classic italian style white sauce.

Prawn and Pea /

Spicy Prawns with salt pepper creme fraishe and olive oil.

Spaghetti Bolognaise /

Traditional style, sprinkled with parmesean.


Pineapple, sliced tomato, jalapenos, banana, rocket, onion, peppers /

Artichoke, spinach, asparagus, olives, pepperdews, mushrooms, capers, sundried tomatoes, basil pesto /

Blue Cheese, avocado, salami, feta, fig preserve, mozarella, cheddar, brie /

Chicken, mussels, ham, ground beef, calamari, anchovies, bacon /

Homemade Traditional Wrap /

Chicken salad
Pulled pork ( served with crunchy slaw & asian sauce )

Fresh or Toasted sandwiches

Sour dough / Farmstyle / Rye / Seed

Salmon on rye /
Cheese & tomato /
Chicken mayo /
Ham / bacon & cheese /
Tuna mayo /
Bacon & Banana /

Vegan Menu

ARTICHOKE KING PIZZA – no cheese for VEGAN option/ 

Tomato base & Mozzarella

Artichoke, Asparagus, Garlic, Mushroom, Olives & Spinach


Tomato base, Garlic & fresh organum

Roasted Butternut, Peppers, Spinach, Mushroom, Fresh Rocket

WRAPS (V) no cheese for VEGAN option /

Roasted butternut, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, feta & wild rocket

               RAW OPTION / 

Shredded red cabbage, avo, tomato, humus, carrots & baby spinach


Baby spinach, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, quinoa, avo, humus & roasted pumpkin seeds

Add extra: Black Beans OR Chickpeas  +

Pizza Menu

Focaccia /

Pizza bread encrusted with garlic & herbs.

Fig & Brie /

Pizza bread,Crème fraishe, fig preserver & Brie Cheese

Margarita /

Classic Italian mozarella with our authentic tomato & herb base.

Regina /

Italian mozarella with ham & mushroom.

The Best /

Italian mozarella, avocado, bacon & Feta.

Hawaiian /

Italian mozarella with ham & pineapple.

Mexicana /

Italian mozarella, Peppers, onion, ground minced beef & jalapenos.

White Mushroom & Truffle Oil /

Italian mozarella with chicken, mushroom & sundried tomatoes

Artichoke king /

Italian mozarella mushrooms, olives, artichoke, garlic & asparagus.

Pulled Pork Pizza /

Italian mozarella with Slow roasted pulled pork.

*Swap to wheat free /


Dessert Menu

Lindt chocolate brownie with ice cream /
Homemade Cheesecake /
Malva Pudding /
Vanilla ice cream with Bar One sauce /

Drinks Menu

Hot Beverages

Short Filter
Flat white
Cafe latte
Hot chocolate
Gourmet white/Coconut hotchoc
Chai latte
Ceylon tea
Rooibos tea
Earl Grey tea
Green / mint tea
Red cappucino
Red Espresso
Hot water and lemon / ginger

Cold Beverages

Cold Beverages

Variety of 100% fruit juice
Soda (Coke,Fanta,Sprite)
Tizers and Bos ice tea
Still and Sparkling water


Choc, Strawberry, Vanilla
Coffee, Chai, Milo
Choc Mint, Oreo, Mango
Peanut butter & Banana


Frappe latte
White choc frappe
Iced latte
Iced Chai latte
Iced Espresso

Freshly pressed juices

Cloudy apple
Detox ( cucumber, apple, mint, ginger) Power ( apple, beetroot, carrot, ginger)
Ginger shot


Peanut butter, Banana & Honey Strawberry
Berry blaze

Smoothie Bowls

Choc + Banana


Beers/ Cider

Black Label
Castle Light
Windhoek lager
Windhoek light
Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer
Hunters dry
Savannah dry / light
Castle Free 0%

On Tap


Craft Beers

CBC Amber Weiss
Newlands Mountain Weiss
Devils Peak Blockhouse Pale Ale
Striped Horse Pale Ale


Single Richeleue, Klipdrif
KWV 3 year old
Gordons Gin
Bombay Saphire, Tanqueray
Smirnoff Vodka
Absolute Vodka
Bicardi White Rum
Captain Morgan Spicerum
Havana Dark Rum
Bells, J&B whiskey
Jonnie Walker Black
Jack Daniels
Jose Cuerio Gold Tequila